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10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Text and Drive

#10: You Already Know it’s Wrong


According to Virginia Tech Transportation Institute research almost half of all adults admit to texting while driving, yet 98% of them know it’s wrong. 

#9: It’s Illegal in Most States


41 States, the District of Columbia, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands ban text messaging for all drivers. 

#8: You’re More Likely to Crash


According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, drivers who use hand-held devices are four times as likely to get into crashes serious enough to injure themselves. 

#7: Quarterbacks Don’t Score Touchdowns with their Eyes Closed


The average text takes your eyes off the road for five seconds, traveling at highway speeds that’s enough time to travel the length of a football field.   

#6: Some States Have Fines as High as $10,000 if You Get in a Crash


That vacation you were saving for? Paying off student loans? Forget it.

#5: No Text is That Important That It Can’t Wait


Text your friends and family before you start driving to let them know you can’t respond.

#4: If You Cause a Crash, You Could Go to Jail


Stripes are never flattering on anyone.

#3: You’ll Also Feel Pretty Guilty


Just like mom always said “we’re disappointed in you.

#2: You Could Injure or Kill an Innocent Person

#1: It’s Easy to Prevent


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Speak Up

ometimes I wish I could go back and say something… anything.

One day she posted a status about forgetting to turn on her head-lights while she was driving early in the morning. I thought to myself: ‘I wish she would be careful. Maybe I should tell her… encourage her to be safe on the roads? No. She’s a pretty safe driver. I can’t imagine her having an accident.’
It was only a few weeks later that it happened and my friend was gone.

Don’t be afraid to speak up! If you don’t think that what they’re doing is safe, TELL THEM!
Don’t assume they aren’t thinking “it won’t happen to me”
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t text and drive but most importantly: be aware and drive safely.

- Sam D.


No Text was worth his LIFE

If you plan on Texting & Driving remember EVER second you Text could be your last. The person who killed my dad just looked down to see who was calling… I wonder if it was an important call



On Christmas Eve 2011, my son was walking across the street when a young women Texting and Driving crossed over lanes and ran him over at 60 MPH (speeding). Texting Shatters Lives as it did ours forever. Please don’t continue to put others in harms way!

- Kristine A


Fingers crossed.: This morning, my mom got in a serious car crash. Some idiot was...

This morning, my mom got in a serious car crash. Some idiot was texting while speeding and crossed over the divider causing a head on collision with my mom. Her car was completely totaled, and the front of the car was pushed all the way behind the tires. They said if she hadn’t been wearing her…

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And today was a day just like any other: My usually very together younger brother just wrecked my mom's car because he was texting


He and I have had several conversations about how dumb it is to text and drive. Ugh. I’m very glad that he’s okay, but wtf. My mom has to go to work tomorrow. Wonder how she’s going to do that. He better be paying for the damages too.

I’m pretty pissed off. I’m sure he’s kicking himself too, but…


Have I ever been guilty of driving and texting at the same time? Yes, I actually have and let me just say that it is a stupid and dangerous thing to do … Texting while driving endangers the life of the driver, passenger, and others. It is an even bigger distraction than talking on the phone!

No text is urgent enough to risk your life or lives of others

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Don’t text and drive. It’s stupid. You can save the LOL for when you’re parked -I’m sure your textee will not be decimated by the delay in response, especially if they’re friendly enough to care about you not getting into a terrible fiery crash.
But as dumb as texting is, it’s a little less stupid than texting, holding a baby, AND letting two other kids frolic in the backseat in a) an unsecured cat seat and, b) no seat belt at all.

An Open Letter from a Marine’s Mom - Teresa B.

Dear Young Adults,

You should NOT TEXT AND DRIVE because my son was a United States Marine, and his WORST enemy was in the palm of his hand all the time and we didn’t even know it, even after going through ALL the training and hard work to become a Marine, all it took where 5 litttle letters to take his life! The Text will Wait!

Teresa B.


An Open Letter from Richard D.

Dear young adults,

The reason you should not text and drive is you do not have the ability to. My sister Debbie was hit by a car while the driver was texting and driving last Aug. 7th. She had just returned from France on job assignment, she was on her front lawn playing with her dog and was hit by a car doing 30 MPH. After being in intensive care for 4 weeks she was transported to Spaulding TBI center in Boston for another 4 weeks than back to Burlington where she remained in hospital until Thanksgiving. Deb now has to have 24-7 care as she is not able to do the things in life that she used to do. Deb’s job gave her the ability to travel around the world and she lived for her job. Doubtful she will ever be able to work again. Pretty much her life is totally wrecked because of someone breaking the law. It is against the law in Vermont. The person who hit my sister had 3 mos. of driving experience. I have had my license for quite awhile, I fly airplanes and helicopters and have played drums since the age of 3 and never would I attempt to text and drive because I can’t do it.

Adults need to contact your congress people and pass laws that will some day take this dangerous technology out of the hands of young people while they are driving.


Richard D.


Take a Type Take a Life - Olivia R.

If you text while driving you can take a life,one of my friends died in a bike accident back in 2010 and it hurt me she died,although it was not from a car some one else i kwno got hit and died DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE PLEASE.

Olivia R.

Montrose, CO

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